Beach Stickers

On sale at the Treasurer's office at Town Hall

Stickers availbale at Town Hall Mon 8-7PM , Tue - Thur 8-4PM , Fri: 8- 12PM

Beach Stickers

  • In order to use parking areas your vehicle must have a sticker permanently affixed to the window.
  • Taped on Stickers are not allowed.
  • Beach stickers are to be placed in the UPPER LEFT CORNER of the PASSENGER WINDOW.
  • Please avoid placing the sticker on the front or rear windshield, or tinted windows.
  • Stickers are available through the mail or at the Marshfield Town Hall starting in January.
  • Please be aware we are not responsible for lost or stolen beach stickers.

Rexhame Lot Only: Non-resident day passes are available for $15 (Monday - Friday) and $20 (Saturday, Sunday, and holidays). After 5pm everyday is $5.


  • Beach stickers are not transferable. They must be permanently affixed to the window. It is a $50 ticket for violating this rule.
  • If you sell your vehicle or it is totaled in an accident, bring the old beach sticker to the Treasurer's office for a replacement.
  • If your car is in the shop, you can buy a temporary sticker.
  • Marshfield Beach Sticker is not honored at Humarock Beach, only a Scituate Beach Sticker applies to that beach.