Rules & Regulations

  1. NO alcoholic beverages are allowed on beaches, seawalls or public areas.
  2. NO trash, glass or smoking allowed on beaches or seawalls or public areas. ADDITIONAL FINES PREVAIL.
  3. NO unleashed dogs.
  4. NO fires allowed on beaches or dunes without written permission from Fire Department.
  5. NO camping, dressing or undressing allowed on beaches or in the beach areas.
  6. NO power boats, water skiing and/or jet skis allowed in swimming areas.
    FEDERAL, STATE, AND LOCAL LAWS prohibit activities within 300 of swimming areas. ADDITIONAL FINES PREVAIL.
  7. NO diving off jetties is allowed.
  8. All bathers shall obey safety orders of lifeguards including use of rafts and floats on days of dangerous surf and offshore winds.