Marshfield Animal Control By-Law


Section 1.

No dogs in the Town of Marshfield shall be allowed to run at large in any of the ways or public places including the town beaches in the Town nor upon the property of someone not his owner or keeper without the permission of the owner or occupant.

No dog shall be allowed in any public place, or any lands, beaches or way within the town unless it is effectively restrained by a chain or leash and under the direct and positive control of it's owner or handler.

It shall be the duty of the Animal Control Officer to enforce this article of the General By-Laws of the Town. All dogs found running at large within the town may be impounded, and thereafter, the Animal Control Officer shall make a complete registry of the dog, including the breed, if discernible, color, sex, and identification tag or marks. If the dog is licensed he shall note the name and address of the owner, and shall send notice, by mail, to the owner that the dog has been impounded. If the owner of the dog is unknown, or if the owner does not respond to said notice within two days, written notice of the impounding shall be posted in one or more public buildings of the Town in a conspicuous place.

The provisions of the by-law shall not prohibit the use of hunting dogs for hunting purposes during appropriate hunting seasons. It shall not prohibit the training of hunting or working dogs and shall not prohibit field trials for hunting or working dogs when conducted by a responsible person.

The penalty for the violation of this by-law shall be Fifty ($50.00) Dollars for each offense. The penalty for each ensuing offense shall be as follows: 2nd offense $100.00, 3rd offense $300., 4th offense and each additional $500.00.

The penalty for dogs found running at large who are deemed to be vicious(either through a previous dog bite or by the determination of the Animal Control Officer) will be $600.00. All penalties will be increased by $25.00 of the dog is unlicensed. Said penalties shall be imposed on the owner or keeper and shall be cumulative as they relate to the individual rather than any specific dog.

Section 2.

Restraint of Domestic Livestock. No person who owns, rents, keeps or otherwise has the care, custody or control of any hooved animal or other domestic animal with the exception of dogs and cats shall allow any such animal to run at large or unrestrained in any public way or place to which the public has a right of access. No animal shall be tied or tethered in such a manner that it may reach any public way or place, or place to which the public has a right of access.

The penalty for violation of this article shall be $10.00 for the first offense and $20.00 for each subsequent offense. It shall be the duty of the Animal Control Officer to enforce this article.

Section 3.

The Board of Selectmen shall establish fees and charges to support the cost of the Animal Control Program as provided in Chapter 140, Section 147A MGLA.