Mail-In Beach Sticker Process

Town of Marshfield
Beach Sticker MAIL-IN Application

Cost for each Beach Sticker is $40.00 for online and mail in only.

Cost for walk in at Town Hall is $40.00 until April 30th, then cost will be $45.00.

You must enclose a copy of your current, valid vehicle registration indicating a Marshfield address. If your vehicle is not registered in Marshfield you must also send a copy of the following:

  • Town of Marshfield tax bill, vehicle lease agreement showing address, company vehicles will require authorized letter on company letter head.
  • Self-addressed stamped envelope.
  • Check or money order payable to the Town of Marshfield.
  • Completed sticker form.

Beach Stickers must be PERMANENTLY affixed to the window and is non-transferable to other vehicles. The registration on the sticker must match the registration on the vehicle. Taped or altered stickers are not allowed and will be removed at the owner’s expense. If it is found that a sticker was obtained under false pretenses, the sticker shall be confiscated without refunding the fee, and the matter will be turned over to the Police Department for prosecution.

Stickers should be placed in the UPPER LEFT CORNER of the passenger window. DO NOT place the sticker on a tinted window. If you sell your vehicle please remember you must remove the sticker and bring it in for a replacement. If a sticker is not returned full price must be paid for the replacement.

Marshfield Beach Rules:

No alcoholic beverages, glass or trash, unleashed dogs, fires, camping, dressing and undressing, power boats or jet skis within 300ft., diving off the jetties, or smoking. Cooking permits are available from the Fire Department.

All bathers should obey safety orders of lifeguards including use of rafts and floats on offshore wind days and dangerous surf conditions.

I hope everyone has noticed the dune restoration projects at Green Harbor and Rexhame. Beach grass is brittle and easily broken if stepped on and the plant immediately dies. It is essential to Marshfield Beaches that we maintain the dunes with fencing, planting beach grass and other plants for the purpose of preserving the beach as a natural protective barrier, so we ask that everyone stay off the dunes!

Anyone walking their dogs should be reminded that all dogs must be leashed at all times. Dog owners should bring a bag to pick up after their dog.

Beach goers should also bring a bag for your trash. The Town does provide barrels at the entrances but we need your help to keep Marshfield's Beaches clean, Please don't use the barrels for your household trash, it is a $300.00 fine. Don't forget the trash you leave today is the trash you’ll be swimming with tomorrow!

Cost for each Beach Sticker is $40.00 for online and mail in ONLY (until April 30th).

Checks should be made payable to the Town of Marshfield.

Don't forget a copy of your registration, CHECK, and SELF-ADDRESSED STAMPED ENVELOPE!

Below is the Form for the mail in process

PDF icon 2018 Mail in beach Sticker Form171.67 KB