Online Beach Sticker Process

Online Beach Sticker Payment

  • The below link will direct you to the online website for online payment of your 2018 beach sticker.
  • Online stickers are for Marshfield Residents ONLY and vehicles MUST be registered in Marshfield. All others MUST use mail-in or walk-in.
  • Online stickers have a 3 to 4 day wait period until the sticker comes in mail (the confirmation CAN NOT be used as a sticker).
  • Cost for each Beach Sticker is $40.00.
  • Do NOT use online service for the following, please buy your sticker at Town Hall:
    • A leased Car
    • A babysitter
    • A summer rental
    • A new vehicle
    • New to town
    • Don't own property
    • Have a company car

Online Sticker Process - Click here.