Cat Needs From A to Z

  1. Another cat, if you are gone a lot and can afford another one.
  2. Beds - Their own special place to sleep.
  3. Claws clipped, as often as needed
  4. Diets just for cats, no dog food, please.
  5. Ears checked, if they scratch and shake their heads a lot.
  6. Flea control - Use a special shampoo and powder, Combining helps.
  7. Grooming prevents matted hair and hair balls.
  8. Handle with Care - Always be gentle. Cat's don't have nine lives.
  9. ID Tags with the cat's name, owners name, address and phone number.
  10. Just the right amount of food. Too much can make your cat fat.
  11. Kindness - Tender love and care counts with cats.
  12. Litter Boxes - Clean them once a day.
  13. Money - Make sure you can afford vet visits and other needs.
  14. Neutering, so they won't have unwanted kittens. Male and female cats need special operations.
  15. Older Cat Care - Aging cats need a special diet and attention.
  16. Playtime - Cats like to have fun too.
  17. Quiet Time - Cats like to sleep most of the day.
  18. Rabies Shot - Ask your vet when to get them.
  19. Scratching Post, so they can exercise claws and stretch their bodies.
  20. Training - Cats can be taught to obey certain house rules.
  21. Urinary Tract Checkups - Cats may have bladder and kidney problems.
  22. Vet Visits - Cats need regular visits.
  23. Water - Keep a fresh bowl out.
  24. eXercise - Cats should wear halters and leashes.
  25. Your Protection - Watch for open windows, uncovered trash cans and other dangers.
  26. Zero Unwanted Litters - Millions of unwanted cats are put to death each year.