Substance Abuse Resources:


Plymouth County Outreach

The Plymouth County Outreach Teams go out to offer support and resources after an overdose occurs, but this isn’t the only way to access PCO. Plymouth County Outreach also helps individuals who may be misusing a substance and are at-risk of an overdose or would like assistance navigating treatment options. This includes individuals in recovery who may want to explore a different pathway or access additional resources. An at-risk individual can be identified through self-disclose or referred by a family member or loved one.  

If you or a loved one is looking for assistance from PCO and their outreach team you can do so by calling the Marshfield Police Department ,Detective Davis  or (781)-834-6655 Ext.5207 Or you may contact Plymouth County Outreach directly  through their website, Facebook page, or by phone at (508) 830 – 4218 x261.

Plymouth County Outreach Website

At Risk Referral Program

If you or a loved one is in the early stages of substance abuse and would like to seek assistance contact Detective Davis at  or  (781)-834-6655 Ext.5207. He will put you in contact with an addiction specialist.

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