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Bicycle Safety
Bicycle Safety Information

     FACTS: Based on National Statistics
         o Every six hours a bicyclist is fatally injured.
         o 49% of all bicyclist deaths occur to children age 16 or younger.
         o Each year, nearly one million children are treated for bicycle-related injuries in U.S. Hospital emergency rooms or in  other medical settings.
         o One in seven children suffers head injuries in bicycle-related accidents.
         o Head injuries cause three out of four serious injuries and deaths that occur in bicycle accidents.
         o Two-thirds of all bicycle accidents are not with an automobile.


      Safety Tips:

     Make sure that you use the proper hand signals when turning or stopping.

         o Always obey all traffic laws.
         o Ride on the right-hand side of the road with the flow of traffic.
         o Stop at all red lights and stop signs.
         o Signal before making turns.
         o Use a headlight and reflectorized safety equipment when riding at night.
         o Always wear a helmet when riding
         o Wear bright clothing with reflective strips particularly at night.
         o Be sure your bike is in proper operating condition before each ride.
         o Ride with traffic, never against it
         o Watch for turning vehicles and vehicles exiting driveways.
         o Watch out for opening doors on parked cars
         o Ride on bike trails and streets with bike lanes whenever possible.
         o Never ride double or carry packages that obstruct your view or interfere with your control of the bike
         o Teach your children the rules of the road for their protection. Responsible bicyclists are involved in fewer accidents.


    * Pedestrians have the right of way, do not ride your bike on sidewalks.