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Marshfield Harbormaster
This table is used for column layout.

Marshfield Mooring Information
Mooring Specifications
Boat Size
Wt. of Block (min.)
Chain Size
Pennant Size
under 16'
1000 lbs 
1" eyebolt
3/8" galv
1/2" nylon
16 to <26
2000 lbs 
1 1/4" eyebolt
1/2" galv
5/8" nylon
26 to <40
3000 lbs 
1 1/4" eyebolt
1/2" galv
3/4" nylon
40 to 50
3500-5000 lb 
1 1/4 eyebolt
5/8" galv
1" nylon

Mooring Wait List: $50.00 (one time)
Moorings: $6.00/foot
Skiffs: $35.00

Mooring Locations
Marshfield maintains mooring locations in Green Harbor,and the North and South Rivers. As moorings become vacant, they are assigned to individuals on the mooring waiting list. A copy of this list is available for public review at the Harbormaster's office. Applications for the wait list are available from the harbormaster's office. Please download from the link supplied above.

Mooring Skiffs
All skiffs tied to a town float must have a numbered skiff permit affixed to the top right inside of the transom. These are available at the Harbormaster's office. Skiffs without permits will be removed at the owners expense. Skiff regulations are on file with the Harbormaster.

Mooring Bouy Specifications
Mooring buoy is to be white, Minimum 18" in diameter, with a blue horizontal stripe around it and marked with the mooring registration number, owner OR vessel name, and the registered boat length. Markings shall be 2" black letters and numbers.