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Marshfield Animal Control
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2006 Annual Report - Animal Control


During fiscal year the animal control department had custody and control of 195 animals which were disposed of as follows:

        Claimed         63
        Adopted         103*
        Euthanised              28      

* indicates that 5 were given free to senior citizens in our Companions for Seniors Program.

Animal bites this year will be reported in the Animal Inspectors Report.

Project Spay had another active year. We collected $705.00 in spay neuter deposits of which $245.00 was refunded upon request.  We spent $4725.00 in vet bills caring for our animal charges and included in that amount are spay or neuter operations for 33 unclaimed adults animals. Our policy is that no adult animal leaves our shelter unless it has been spayed or neutered.  Our donations this year amounted to $8075.00 which  includes a $5,000. grant from the Copeland Family Foundation .

        From the Jake Fund we spent the following:
$301.00 to assist a needy person with vet bills for her cat.                           
$486.00 to pay for veterinarian bills for Patty Trotta’s horse Pokey from the  $5000. Pokey Trotta Trust we established when resident Patty Trotta died and left a portion of her estate to Animal Control.  Pokey was her elderly horse who was placed with a resident here in Marshfield. Pokey passed away last fall. He was in his late 30’s.

               Receipts this year include:
                Fines  issued           $9,600.00
                Dog Licenses sold       $48,135.00.  (collected by the Town Clerk’s office)
                Shelter receipts        $4,844.00                                                                                                                                Donations and grants $8,075.00
                Total                   $70,654.00.

Our updating and improvements at our shelter this year has taken a new direction due to our reduced population of dogs. This year we removed 2 kennel runs and installed a washer/dryer so we don’t have to take our laundry home anymore.  We also installed a glass door between the lobby and the cat room so visitors can look in and the cats can look out. We’ve had rave reviews by visitors for this improvement.

We have prepared ourselves for the inevitable arrival of avian flue in our area by establishing a list of owners of small flocks of fowl and gathered together a very thorough ready kit for use by officers when the need arises.

We are still working on the possible establishment of a dog park for Marshfield. We have finally settled on a site that is acceptable to town departments and await town meeting to decide it’s fate.


                                        Respectfully submitted:

                                        Norma Haskins ACO